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The Cleaver DISC/PDS (People Development System) was developed by John “Clipper” Cleaver in 1956, and built on the ground-breaking work of industrial engineer William Marston.

Become certified in the Cleaver DISC/PDS and become eligible to establish your own account for online use of the tool. Learn how one deals with problems, procedures, routine and pace, and how to deal with other people.

The Cleaver DISC/PDS has been used by thousands of organizations worldwide. While early use focused on candidate selection, the Cleaver DISC/PDS is now viewed by many as an essential baseline component of successful development initiatives.

John “Clipper” Cleaver

John “Clipper” Cleaver


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Get trained in the fundamental components of DISC through hands-on analysis of sample profiles over the course of the one-day experience.The comparison of a range of profiles reveals the power of the instrument to help identify opportunities for individual and team success, and potential human behavior challenges.

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be certified in the use of the Cleaver DISC/PDS and eligible to establish their own account for online use of the tool. Certified users will be given a “starter kit” of 15 complimentary reports and discounted pricing going forward based on usage.



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Cleaver Company brings almost 60 years of experience in the people development and human capital industries to the DISC assessment. Cleaver's proprietary tools, processes, and methodologies have been crafted and honed over decades of field work and research to reflect the most effective and up to date practices in change psychology, behavior, and business skills.