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Michael “Mike” Borst is a Resource Executive at Cleaver Company.  Mike's passion for helping individuals succeed on both the professional and personal levels has fueled his career as an executive coach and team developer. Over the last 15 years, Mike has helped companies and non-profits in a variety of functions - from sales to client management to team development - while advancing his own work in leadership and organizational development.  Mike has an Organizational Behavior degree from Miami University’s Farmer School of Business, a Master’s degree from Winebrenner Seminary.  He currently lives in Ohio with his wife and four boys. Schedule a Meeting with Mike Here

Frank DuMar

Frank DuMar has worked professionally with over 500 companies, personally consulting with hundreds of CEOs, managers, and employees across a variety of industries, to align their human capital strategy with their business strategy. Frank has more than 15 years of leadership development experience as the CEO of Cleaver Company. Frank became a certified Cleaver Consultant in 1987 and joined Cleaver Company in 1994.  He became CEO of the company in 1996 and since then has worked to broaden the development program offerings and range of the original Cleaver tools to create highly effective methodologies.

Valerie Monti Holland

Valerie Monti Holland is a business coach and trained sociodramatist who has a background in strategic policy, management, and the British criminal justice system. After running her own business development coaching practice, Valerie spent four years as a transnational manager working with European partners to influence legislation regarding marginalized individuals. She is fluent in French, and lives in the United Kingdom.

Valerie joined the Cleaver Company Resource Executive staff in September of 2011. In addition to field work, Valerie also works with Cleaver Development Services on program design. She currently sits on the Sociometry and Leadership task force.

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Paul Horgen

Paul Horgen has over 33 years of CEO experience in the financial services industry. After only three months in a line worker position at his first financial services job, Paul was offered a leadership job. Now, 35 years later and four companies, Paul continues to work in management consulting and business development. Paul has used Cleaver Company tools and systems for over 20 years. He joined the Resource Executive team in September of 2011. In addition to sitting on the business development and coaching advisories, Paul is a Cleaver Practice President and currently opening a mid-west office.

Peter Miles

Peter Miles has three decades of experience working as a leader in commercial banking and high tech manufacturing. He was trained by John Cleaver in 1980 in Cleaver Company's tools and methods, and used Cleaver methods to merge eight independent banks into a single bank holding company with a strong sales mentality. He joined Cleaver as a Resource Executive in 2014. Pete has also served as an Adjunct Professor, teaching business courses in finance, personnel management, and organizational behavior. He received his BS in Engineering from West Point and his MBA from the University of New Hampshire.

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Andy Riddell

Andy Riddell has over 39 years of broad senior leadership experience in health care, 27 of them at the President/CEO level. His qualifications include a successful background in Executive and Career Coaching/Development, [has mentored nine individuals who became CEO’s], Financial and Leadership Turnarounds.

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Rick Shaum leads the strategic development team at Cleaver Company. His business experience, spanning several decades, has allowed him to build a reputation as a “results-oriented leader and manager” who accomplishes his objectives by recruiting and developing top talent. Rick’s diverse business background has resulted in a broad understanding of core corporate functional silos including sales, operations, marketing, advertising, human resources and finance/accounting. Rick earned a Bachelor’s degree in Religion & Psychology from Vanguard University in southern California and his Master’s degree in Speech Communication from the University of New Mexico.

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Elizabeth Gilligan is an executive coach, consultant and facilitator in the areas of leadership and management. She has worked extensively coaching clients one-on-one, and as well as specializing in how to create and foster high performing teams. Ms. Gilligan began her career at Fidelity Investments, learning Fidelity’s core financial services business. Elizabeth ended her career at Fidelity as the Vice President of Global Training, responsible for customizing and delivering training programs across Fidelity’s thirteen international call centers.