Congratulations and welcome to IPFS Flight 3C! This is an opportunity to grow as a key member of the senior leadership team. This program is an investment in your development and your success in the company.

What is expected of a Flight participant?

  • Do the work! While your involvement and certain tasks may seem like “extra load” on your already busy schedule, you will benefit from putting in the effort asked of you.

  • Look at your own professional development as a journey rather than a stand- alone “project”. Most of you have likely been through something similar to this several times in your career; think of this next step as a stepping stone to achieving your own professional and personal goals.

  • Approach this work with a commitment to honesty, open-mindedness and a willingness to move out of your comfort zone.

  • Take a holistic approach to the process that focuses more on the positive outcomes of personal development, rather than the challenges that may emerge along the way.

  • Set practical, daily modifications. This isn't intended to be a huge leadership makeover. It's about building on your success and creating greater impact and influence.

  • Include others. Team, boss, partner, whoever...the more it's integrated into your life, the better.

  • Push back – get feedback. Ask questions when you’re not clear. Your coach is your dedicated Cleaver resource. The Cleaver RE is there to provide insight and support when you need it.



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Using the buttons below, you will be able to navigate the digital portions of your flight alongside your onsite or call/video portions. Should you need to download any of the physical material you will receive, scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the appropriate link. If you need to contact us in regards to this digital information, the form is below.


Welcome & pre-work

As you become acquainted with Flight 3C, and the role you play within your organization, we want to provide you with some digital tools to assist you in your journey.



In this session we will explore the DISC and EQi aspects of this flight and how these assessments will play a role in your success.

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Session 1

In this session we will administer the DISC feedback, invite you into the 360 Leadership Assessment, conduct participant and supervisor interviews and dive into our RAAM process.


Session 2

In this session we will introduce your Action Development Plan, give 360 feedback and jump into page two of the RAAM.


Session 3

In this session we will work through your Action Development Plan with you, talk through the themes that have emerged from your work and begin working in Triads.


Session 4

In our final session, we will handoff our process to your team to continue the great work we have done together and to ensure ongoing success.


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