Is technical excellence crippling your managers?

We see it everyday: individual contributors are promoted to managerial and leadership roles by virtue of their competence. Because they excel technically, the organization assumes they will excel at managing people or leading the business. There’s only one problem:

This isn’t just a promotion; it’s an entirely new job.

The truth is the technical expertise that makes most individual contributors success isn’t what will make them successful as leaders of the business. Yet every year we work with organizations who promote their best individual contributors into leadership roles, only to be surprised when they struggle.

Your organization doesn’t have to be one of them.


We can help equip your leaders for success

With Cleaver Company’s Digital Leadership program, your IT, engineering, and technical managers will learn the skills necessary to appropriately engage, negotiate, and communicate with their teams and stakeholders. Over this 7-month program, your managers will build knowledge and experience in:

  • Risk management

  • Project management & implementation

  • People management & team building

  • Budgeting and time management

  • Decision making

  • Personal development

Our program is designed to empower your managers to drive better business results and manage others through:

  • Tailored onsite meetings

  • Monthly virtual sessions

  • Proprietary development assessments

  • Access and training on the Cloverleaf platform

  • Exclusive leadership development content

The Digital Leadership program is appropriate for new and experienced IT, engineering, and technical managers. Cleaver Company’s highly tailored approach allows us to get to know your organization and your managers so we can meet the unique needs of your group, culture, and industry.


It’s never too late to prepare your technical managers for success

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Why Cleaver?

Cleaver Company brings almost 60 years of experience in the people development and human capital industries to the DISC assessment. Cleaver's proprietary tools, processes, and methodologies have been crafted and honed over decades of field work and research to reflect the most effective and up to date practices in change psychology, behavior, and business skills.