Individual, team, and enterprise leadership impact.

We help leaders appropriately engage, negotiate and communicate in their new roles; build Performance Playbooks, and translate personal leadership styles into deeper success.


Ensure IT team success.

When it’s their first time in the manager's chair, a technical leader who is thrust into a people-leader role must sink or swim. Through onsite meetings, content, Cloverleaf platform assessment training, and regular touchpoints, a technical leader can become a better people person.

This 7-month program with regular monthly touchpoints and ongoing development focuses on the following 6 areas:

  • Personal Development
  • Risk Management
  • Project Management & Implementation
  • People Management & Team Building
  • Decision Making
  • Budgeting & Time Management

Preparing technology leaders with practical skills.

IT leaders can obtain skills in facilitation, delegation, time management, motivation, coaching, managing, decision-making, budgeting, and more.


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Why Cleaver?

Cleaver Company brings almost 60 years of experience in the people development and human capital industries to the DISC assessment. Cleaver's proprietary tools, processes, and methodologies have been crafted and honed over decades of field work and research to reflect the most effective and up to date practices in change psychology, behavior, and business skills.