Your development is our priority.

Cleaver Company is here to help you get the best results from your most valuable asset: your people. Learn more about how we work at the individual, team, and enterprise level to enhance efficiency, productivity, and leadership.


We provide bespoke training, coaching, and thought partnership programs to organizations ready to effectively maximize their talent and leverage their human capital. In business for almost 60 years, our methods, tools, and approaches have been utilized and validated by tens thousands of companies worldwide.

Some of our Specialties & Services Include...

Facilitating mergers and acquisitions • Handling reorganization, downsizing, and budget adjustments • Matching the workforce to the corporate mission, values, and vision • Identifing and grooming talent for promotions and succession planning • Growing and developing top talent • Creating a corporate culture and brand identity • Nurturing the workforce and placing the right people in the right jobs • And more!

Are you maximizing your human capital?


“Human capital” refers to the skills, experience, personalities, attitudes, and motivation of the people within your organization.

Cleaver Company’s founder, John Cleaver, was an industrial engineer by trade. He became troubled that modern businesses had lost sight of the inherent human factor in jobs. Cleaver built his business around the central tenant that each employee should be measured and evaluated for compatibility with their role in the organization. He developed a set of managerial instruments to help company leaders maximize the efficiency and productivity of their most valuable resource: the people who worked for them.


One size does not fit all.

We realize that when it comes to talent, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution.  That is why we begin every client engagement learning about your company's unique goals, needs, opportunities, and culture, before tailoring a set of growth solutions for your teams.  Our service team has experience working in myriad industries and draws from a library of over 300 proprietary tools and supplements to facilitate solution implementation.


Recruitment, Hiring, And Onboarding

We can help with the complex process of finding the right people for the right positions at the right time. Our people-centric model of management assessment is expertly suited for management recruitment, the hiring process, and employee onboarding.

Advanced Leadership Training

Across every industry, "manager" does not always equal "leader." Our management training is comprised of workshops, one-on-ones, and intense learning experiences that cover critical skills like communication, conflict management, negotiation, and more.



Reorganizations, Mergers, And Acquisitions

The culture of an organization takes its biggest hit when going through a reorganization. We can reveal what tenants of your organization can be maintained through a difficult transition, and walk the managers through how to harbor safe communication.


Our clients include