Your organization is full of potential, most of which lies dormant. Not because you aren’t working at uncovering this potential, but because you haven’t been resourced with the tools and knowledge needed to do this in an effective and efficient way.

  • According to Gallup, 51% of employees are considering a new job.

  • A report from the Center for American Progress found that turnover can cost organizations anywhere from 16% to 213% of the lost employee’s salary.

  • Future Workplace and Kronos study has found that 87% of employers said that improving retention is a critical priority for their organization.

  • Allied Workforce Mobility Survey discovered that companies lose 25% of all new employees within the first year.

  • 42% of employees say learning and development is the most important benefit when deciding where to work followed by health insurance (48%) (Udemy)

  • Offering career training and development would keep 86% of millennials from leaving their current position (Bridge)

  • 51% of employees would quit their job if training was not offered (Udemy)

It is clear that uncovering and unlocking potential within your team is not only crucial to your business operating at peak performance, but their desire to engage in your mission and vision.

The CleaverDISC Training can solve for your desire to be trained and developed as well as the desire of your organization to create a team that can grow together.

Certification from the experts.

The Cleaver DISC/PDS (People Development System) was developed by John “Clipper” Cleaver in 1956, and built on the ground-breaking work of industrial engineer William Marston.

You can become certified in the Cleaver DISC/PDS and become eligible to establish your own account for online use of the tool. Learn how to deal with problems, procedures, routine and pace, and how to work collaboratively with other people.

The Cleaver DISC/PDS has been used by thousands of organizations worldwide. While early use focused on candidate selection, the Cleaver DISC/PDS is now viewed by many as an essential baseline component of successful development initiatives.

Be prepared for the real world.

The core of this training centers around understanding and self-knowledge applied in three key areas: individual, team and enterprise. In this training you will begin to find clarity in a number of areas:

  • Developing the Organization

  • Defining Success Standards

  • Building the Management Team

  • Placing only Qualified People

  • Communicating a Management Language

  • Identifying Future Management Talent

  • Building the Sales Force

  • Increasing Productivity

  • Career Planning and Counseling

  • Providing Objective Performance Evaluations

  • Planning for Succession and Promotion

  • Resolving “Personality” Conflicts

Transparency and trust.

We believe that connecting with you around your team’s issues is of utmost importance. We build our trainings with you in mind and so that you get the maximum output of our trainings. A training might look something like this:

  • DISC Overview

  • Combinations and Classic Patterns

  • Latent, Motivated, Tool Elements

  • Human Factor Job Description

  • Motivating Values

  • Interpretation and Feedback

  • Context

  • Cleaver Tools Preview

Change your future now!